15 ways to make your website your best salesperson ever


A great salesperson is a huge business asset but what makes someone a great salesperson rather than a just an OK salesperson?

How can we use that information to create the best sales resource ever? – one that doesn’t get tired, works 24 hours a day and never goes off-message – your website. This post looks at ways to ensure your website is the best ‘salesperson’ in your company.

What are the traits of a great salesperson and a great website?

1. Customer-centric

Your website must appeal to your target audience. If your dream client can’t recognise themselves as a potential client, then you’ve lost them before you really got started with your sales process. Your home/landing page needs to clearly state who you are for and what you can do for them in language that is familiar to the client.

2. Engaging

Simply sticking a carousel of vaguely relevant photos on your home page doesn’t make your website engaging for your target client. Think about what problem you are solving for the client so that when they land, they can quickly see why you are the right provider for them. Use graphics that enhance your copy rather than something that is a distraction from words that aren’t really guiding your client through your sales funnel.

3. Resilient

Your website needs to be maintained and updated so that it doesn’t fall over when you get an influx of visitors or run into issues when your target client takes an action like completing your contact form or buying something from your shop. Build in resilience to prevent simple problems from ruining your sale.

4. Clear

Each sentence on your website has just one job to do. To encourage the reader to read the next sentence. Don’t make your reader work too hard to understand your copy. People are busy and don’t have time or patience to decipher your meaning. Keep your words simple and your sentences short.

5. Welcoming

If your website looks welcoming, is in consistent brand colours, brand fonts and uses bespoke photography, this will be much more welcoming than if you have too many different fonts and colours and you’ve used the same stock image as your competitors. Keep your website welcoming by using friendly, informal yet still professional language to draw your reader in.

6. Persistent

Your website can be like a persistent salesperson who never gives up on a sale. By using SEO blogs, you can keep your website front and centre in Google’s eyes. Creating optimised blogs positions you as an authority in your field and by choosing the right keywords that aren’t too competitive, you can rank your website on page one to ensure you receive more potential leads.

7. Honest

Keep your website free from any claims about your product or service that you can’t back up. There’s no point making sales by having untrue claims because this will cause your business problems down the line. Keep your honesty and integrity intact.

8. Focused

Unless you are Amazon or Tesco with hundreds and thousands of products, keep your website as focused as possible on your core products and services. When a new website you haven’t visited before has hundreds of pages, it can be very overwhelming and difficult to find the information you are looking for. By focusing your pages on your key services and products you can reduce the chances of your customer bouncing off your page.

9. Inclusive

Think about who is visiting your website and how they are accessing it. Does your website make accommodations for those with difficulties such as colour blindness, deafness, dyslexia, or being partially sighted? Does it use inclusive language or is it written in a way that puts up barriers to certain types of people? Can it be translated into other languages by Google if necessary? Is it easy to read and use on a mobile phone or tablet? Can you navigate it without using a mouse? Think about all these aspects when designing your website so that clients who might have accessibility issues or disabilities can still use your website effectively.

10. Good listener

A great salesperson is a good listener. They take the time to really understand their clients’ problems and pain points and develop solutions to solve those problems. When creating and updating your website, make sure you listen to what your clients are telling you and then feed that back to them via your website. Your words will resonate with them and that will help you to move them through your sales process.

11. Culturally aware

If you are doing business in more than one country, your website, like you best salesperson, will need to understand the differences between how business is done in one country vs. another. What is culturally acceptable in the UK or US may be unacceptable in India or China for example. Your website may need to be customised for other markets and that might include changing the words, the tone of voice, photos and other graphics to suit the needs of other cultures. A straight translation may not be enough.

12. Optimistic

The best salespeople are energetic and upbeat. No-one wants to buy from someone who isn’t enthusiastic about the product or service they are offering. Your website needs to highlight the benefits of working with you or buying from you so that it’s easy for your customer to make the buying decision.

13. Subtle

Websites that have a buy now button after every couple of sentences are likely to turn the potential client off in the same way as a salesman who won’t leave a prospect alone at a conference or one that emails or calls them every day trying to get the sale. There’s a balance between persistence and being a pest. Ensure your website gives sufficient calls to action so that customers who are ready to buy don’t have to scroll down for pages and pages to find the next call to action button.

14. Dynamic

A great salesperson shows your company off in a great light and responds to the changing environment quickly and effortlessly. Your website needs to be up to date with the latest developments in your industry. It should be a high-quality resource that your customer can visit when they are looking for information, how-to and other support around your product or service. Become the go-to resource in your niche.

15. Accessible

Your best salesperson is easy for your customer to get hold of and to talk to. Your website needs to be easy to find online. Put effort into improving your search engine optimisation – make sure your page loads quickly, you are targeting the right keywords with the correct search intent and become a go-to resource for your clients using a consistent blogging strategy.

Get support

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