SEO Tip No. 7

Richard Nolan

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The Eight Steps To SEO Success

7. Include backlinks

Backlinks, or links to other webpages, are important as they prove domain authority to the search engines. A good copywriter will help you to develop this organically and you can also create your own by writing articles on certain subscription websites, such as Medium and Zoho. They cost around USD 50-60 per year.

  • Write an original 500-word article for each of these sites – no copy and pasting! – that also mention your keyword two or three times.
  • Include a link in each of these new articles to the original article on your website.

This will give you what the search engines want to see: backlinks from sites with varying domain authority (95 and 87 respectively). If you would like to learn more about backlinks, we recommend following Brian Dean at Backlinko.

Depending on your plans to promote Zoho Sites/Medium, this could be a good place to use AI generated copy.

Even better would be to use a tool that generates undetectable AI copy.

This is the seventh step in a series of eight from my SEO Guide. If you’d like a free copy of the whole guide, simply click here with ‘SEO Guide’ in the Subject line.

Alternatively, if you need help making sense of this, let us know!