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Why you need to take eCommerce SEO seriously

Your eCommerce website is more than your shop window. It’s the nuts and bolts of your business.

You’ve invested time and money making it stand out. You’ve agonised over sitemaps, photography, typography and the customer journey.

You’ve probably even promoted someone in-house to take care of the SEO.

But still, your eCommerce website’s lack of visibility is haemorrhaging potential customers and sending them to your competitors.


Why you need a specialist eCommerce SEO agency

Handing SEO to a member of staff is counter-productive. It’ll never be as effective as having an expert looking at your business from the outside.

And if you choose the right SEO agency, every penny invested will deliver new customers.


Why Rife Interactive?

Rife Interactive is a specialist eCommerce SEO agency.

That’s all we do, day in, day out. And we’re pretty damn good at it.

We don’t do hype, hide behind jargon or charge ludicrous fees.

We’re just a regular bunch of down-to-earth, SEO experts, ready to fight your corner of the eCommerce universe.

We’re a small, boutique agency; which means every client is special to us. When you work with Rife Interactive, we guarantee 100% focus on driving customers to your site and increasing your sales.


And this is how we do it:

1) Understanding: getting to know you, your offering, your customers, your marketplace and your competitors. And of course, finding out what’s worked for you so far, and what hasn’t. The more we understand about you and your eCommerce site, the better. It takes time and an obsession over the details. But without knowing what you’re aiming for and what stands in your way, your eCommerce SEO is going nowhere.

2) Reporting and planning: having audited your website, we’ll tell you where we think the holes are, and how we’ll plug them. Whether that means link building, content creation, targeting new keywords, technical SEO or whatever, there’ll be absolute clarity in our website audit and SEO strategy. We’ll spell out exactly how we can help, and if we can’t add significant ROI, we’ll be dead straight with you.

3) Going into action: once we’ve agreed targets, timescales and reporting schedules, you can leave us to get on with it. We’ll keep you up-to-date, but we won’t bombard you with spreadsheets. We promise minimum fuss and maximum results. Our remit is simple – to drive more quality, organic customers your way. While we’re busy doing that, you can get on with what you do best.


With Rife Interactive, you get:

– A dedicated team of SEO experts who care about your business

– Leading-edge eCommerce technology

– A no-nonsense relationship with people you can trust.

Recent client site performance improvement (Page One Rankings on Google UK)

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What to expect working with Rife Interactive.

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“Rife Interactive has been incredibly responsive, knowledgeable and helpful. I have been working with them for over 3 months now and their engagement is a true partnership. Going the extra mile is the default setting — excellent work!!”

Dr Charles Clarke, 28th June 2020


“We have worked with Richard for more than a year now and wholeheartedly recommend his work and him personally as a man of great enthusiasm and integrity. Richard has worked wonders in greatly improving DIY Investor’s presence in the mature and relatively congested space of financial services and personal finance…”

Steve Haysom, DIY Investor Magazine, 25th September 2017


“Very happy with the program we have adopted with Rife – having worked with them now for 6 months we have seen a very impressive upturn in traffic and conversions on our website. So much so that we are investing more and more in the process.”

Nick Leighton, Leighton Fine Art, 11th June 2020