Best SEO tools for beginners

There’s no shortage of great advice on the internet to help you become an SEO expert. But being an expert in anything takes time and dedication. SEO is no different. Just be sure you have the time to start down this road.

Here’s a brief overview of the required tools that I would recommend to anyone starting in SEO. These are tools that I have used myself and of course, are my personal favourites – there are plenty of other tools for you to take a look at, but these tools will give a basic grounding in the fundamentals of SEO.

The SEO tools you need to succeed

First up is Yoast (free or annual subscription). This is a great tool for any WordPress site. The documentation is excellent and you’ll find plenty of tutorials to help get you started.

Next up is SE Ranking. SE Ranking is a great SEO tool, especially for beginners. It’s very easy to use and again, has plenty of documentation and online tutorials. Plus, like all the SEO tools that I have used, the level of support is excellent.

SE Ranking has great keyword research tools, but keyword ‘search volume’ and ‘keyword difficulty’ aren’t as accurate as its more expensive alternatives.

Search Volume and Keyword Difficulty are two very important metrics to understand in getting any content to rank.

What I like about SE Ranking is the way it gives you a really good breakdown of where all of the problems are on your site. Not only this but how to go about fixing these problems, in a very simple, understandable way.

Next up is Semrush. This is a powerful tool and a great place to start if you have the budget.

The first thing that you must realise when you decide to use a program like Semush is that you must put in the time and effort to become proficient in using the program. Semrush does not make your keywords rank automatically on every Search Engine Results Page (SERPs) or every AdWords advertisement you see. But once you know what you’re doing with it, it is a very powerful tool indeed.

These upmarket tools do make your life much easier with features like Content Gap Analysis, to quickly find low hanging fruit in the increasingly complex world of SEO.

The Article Writing Assistant is also very good, but I don’t want to get into the realm of copywriting. I’m sure there are some very good SEO’s that are also good copywriters, but I’ve yet to meet one (and I’ve been doing this for over 6 years).

Finally, Ahrefs. Ahrefs is another powerful tool very similar to Semrush. Some people think it’s a binary choice between Semrush and Ahrefs, while others, myself included, think you need multiple tools – depending on the project of course.

I could mention Majestics SEO but think you have more than enough here to be getting on with.

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