Effective SEO Techniques to Drive Organic Traffic on Website

The techniques of SEO seem to be changing at a fast pace with the behaviour of various internet users. Google as well as the other search engines are getting smarter as well as powerful all the time. So in order to remain in the race, it is important for every business owner to seek the best digital agency SEO services.

The modern SEO techniques followed by the top SEO agencies in London are:

  1. Optimise voice search: These days, more than 25% of the adults of US own a smart speaker and that number is expected to 55% by the year 2022. So, this bit of information must be enough for you to understand how important it is to factor voice search in a proper SEO strategy.

Besides, you must be aware of the difference between the voice and text search and know how to optimize voice search to provide the audiences with what they are looking for. For instance a text search might tend to write just the keywords like “SEO strategies”, but the voice searches are longer and it is generally like “what are the most popular SEO strategies?”

  1. Design for mobile: 80% of the American own a smart phone and more than 75% of the users made a purchase online using their smart phones within the last six months. 80% of the shoppers tend to use their smart phones even in the physical stores of a particular business to check out the product reviews or to compare the online and offline prices. So create your website by keeping in mind that more number of people will access your website from their phones and not from their desktops.
  2. Focus more on topic clusters: Google’s algorithm is changing with time and its main objective now is to determine the intention of the users like what they are looking for, what they expect and more importantly what search results will seem the best for solving all their queries. So, to fulfil all these criteria it is not only important to look at the keywords, but you will also need to look around the keywords.
  3. Never overlook technical SEO: Your website might be doing everything right for time being, but if your site is not technically sound then it might underperform very soon. So, you must ensure that your site loads on HTTPS, enable AMP for mobile and also invest in crawling software.

These are the latest techniques in SEO that are attracting more organic traffic to a website.

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