Google Core Web Vitals (CWV)

Google Page Experience

Here’s a chart from Google Search Console/Page Experience showing what happens when you’ve not been paying attention to Google’s CWV warnings.

As you can see, working with an experienced web developer, we recovered the site and Page Experience impressions are now the best they’ve ever been (Total impressions of good URL’s is currently 142K – correct as of 27/10/2021).

Leading to more enquiries and more sales.

DON’T PANIC – the dip on 23/08/2021 was due to a problem at Google (and yes, I did panic!). Luckily this was reported as it happened on Twitter.

You can read about Google’s “Lost performance report” here.

Here’s what we achieve for our clients:

google page experience
Google Page Experience

Brand Awareness – Up!

Website Traffic – Up!

Sales – Up!

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