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Google Lens is a new image processing technology developed by Google, that’s meant to bring up more relevant information on certain objects it recognises. It takes an object image and a tag (an object label) to train a deep neural network, which can then recognise the object. Since every tag corresponds to a specific object in the real world, then the neural network can be trained to recognise these objects. When an action is triggered, the same neural network will also recognise the same object and again call it out, with the same label. For instance, if you put a dog on Google Lens, it will identify that you are looking at a dog, and again call out that it is a dog.

This has to be a game changer for search.

Using Google Lens to Tap into the Wealth of Information on the Web

To use Google Lens on your phone, first download and open it on your smartphone. To do that, go to the App Store on your device and search for Google Lens. Once you find the app, tap on it to open it up. If the app doesn’t open automatically, simply tap the “Open” button to make it available to you.

Google Lens will be coming to Google Chrome Desktop soon.

Once the application has been installed, you’ll be able to start using it from anywhere. You can use the camera icon as your pin symbol in any app, tap on the chat button in your Google+ account, or take a photo of a certain object by simply clicking on the camera icon on the main interface of Google. Since Google Lens automatically displays the URL of the website you’ve visited in the result, it’s essentially like turning an eye to an item or location on the web, allowing you to explore without having to type in all the hard URLs. The Android system also makes it possible for you to browse through your saved pages by tapping on ” Gallery,” so you can easily see photos or videos taken by your own device of the same places you’ve found on the web.

Users will notice the difference between Google Lens and ordinary Google Images when they try to view images taken with this new app. For one, Google Lens offers live filters, which give you options for adjusting the colour or contrast of the image as you gaze through the lens. This is different from normal Google Images, which does not have any filters. Instead, it displays an abstract image or photo, and you can either change the background or select a particular city or town you’d like to have the lens focus on. This feature gives a truly digital look to your pictures, and users can enjoy a more natural feel while using the camera.

Making search even more attractive

Aside from its useful features, Google Lens offers other features that would make your android device even more attractive and user friendly. Since it’s part of the Android ecosystem, it offers access to the Android Market, which means you won’t have to jump from one app to another to find relevant and popular items. Plus, all your downloads are automatically managed and delivered directly to your device. As soon as you’re done downloading, you can even start enjoying the great features of Google Lens right away!

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