Google My Business: How to Optimize it to Drive Sales and Traffic

Do you want your company’s services or products to be visible in Google search results? Google My Business is the basic step to ensure that the business partners and potential consumers can quickly find out the company’s online presence conveniently and quickly. Google My Business is an online tool that entrepreneurs can use for free to handle their digital presence without performing any additional tasks on their website. GMB will help you to update and display your company’s information with ease. So, you’ll be given a platform to update information related to your website link, phone number, promotional assets, and location. You can follow these steps to optimize GMB to leverage your sales and traffic:

  • Provide your business details

The data you provide on your GMB profile is the primary aspect to attract your customers. As such, you should ensure that they can access all the information you want to go through whenever they visit your GMB page. Whether a consumer wants to give you a call, browse through your social media platforms or visit your store, a GMB page is of great help. So, you should provide comprehensive information like your company’s name, website link, contact number, FAQs, working hours, link to location or Google maps, and so on.

  • Provide a local number

Add a local number on your GMB page. Doing so demonstrates that the company invites customer interaction. Ensure your number appears underneath the company’s direct control while also appearing on the top of the landing page connected to the GMB’s listing. However, avoid displaying a number that can redirect consumers to other landing pages or phone numbers.

  • You can maximize the GMB’s call tracking characteristics.

Google will allow you to go through the precise call metrics by inserting a GMB call tracking number. This won’t affect your address, name, or phone number consistency. The call tracking features allow you to track the number of incoming calls, listen to call recordings, analyze lead attribution, and manage dropped calls. You can follow these two steps to insert your GMB call tracking number:

  1. Under your primary phone column, you can insert your call tracking number
  2. under the additional phone column, you can insert your main business line’s number
  • Write an engaging and comprehensive GMB description.

You can fill in the GMB description column with the relevant information related to your brand. The character of GMB description is up to 750 characters. So, you should provide an overview of the unique selling points using a few words while highlighting one to two high-value keywords. You can collaborate with one of the digital marketing companies in London to derive the maximum benefit out of your GMB listing.

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