How Important Are Core Web Vitals in SEO?

Google has implemented its Core Vitals Update from May 2021 as one of its major ranking signals. Accordingly, all SEO pro’s need to fully understand core vitals and how important they are for SEO.

In future, if you want to secure a top position in search results, it is important to know how core vitals will affect SEO. These days even latecomers are forced to invest in this newly upgraded ranking signal.

In the past year, the online market has grown exponentially, and subsequently, the competition for Google search result pages has become much more aggressive.

For all businesses out there, it is important to have technically clean and optimized websites in addition to having a combination of professional content strategies. Suppose the SEO consultant London doesn’t pay attention to the interaction of content and technology. It will become quite difficult for the content to achieve and maintain good search results.

Before we look further, let’s understand what core web vitals mean for SEO:

What are the Google Core Web Vitals?

Google announced the core vitals as a supplement to their past metrics. The core vitals are not here to replace the existing metrics. The major goal of Google is to deliver the best results for its users as part of the continuous improvement of the platform.

How important are Core Vitals?

Core web vitals are the real-world experience metrics where Google answers the following major questions:

The page loading speed (Largest Content Paint)

The Largest Content Paint (LCP) measures when the largest content element will become visible. It is the time when the main content of the page finishes rendering on the screen. Some of the most significant reasons for bad LCP values can be poor server response time or the inclusion of large/heavy images in the header area.

How fast does the website interact (First Input Delay)

Like the LCP, the FID measures how long it takes for a page to become interactive. It allows users to click, scroll, and offer other inputs. It also measures when a user first interacts with a page and when the browser can respond to the interaction.

How fast is it stable (Cumulative Layout Shift)

CLS is an element that measures visual stability. It is calculated by summing up all layout shifts that are not caused by user interaction.

If you’d like to know more about these new metrics added by Google, you need to contact the digital marketing companies in London so that they can tailor a bespoke SEO strategy to put your business in pole position – and keep you there.

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