What is Customer Centric?

It’s what the world’s most successful brands will be doing in 2022: making their marketing more customer centric and here’s why.

With the advent of the Metaverse, more marketers are asking what is customer centric marketing all about? Customer centric marketing has entered centre stage. Where before customers were search engine optimisation (SEO) savvy and purchased based on a certain demographic. Today’s marketing revolves around SEO, social networking, and mobile platforms. Users have become obsessed with what’s in fashion, what is the latest news, and increasingly, their opinion. When brands place their ads on these sites, they are paying big bucks to get on top of the lists. While this may be fine for brand marketing purposes, this is problematic for customer centric marketing.

Your prospects have had enough of the same old, same old!

These days it seems as if prospects are tuning out. They tune in to what is on television, listen to their favourite radio station, and go to the internet to check on what is posted online. They do not want or need the same old, same old advertisements placed in all media. What is the result? Ads that are not relevant or popping up all over the internet are annoying to the vast majority of users.

When prospects tune out, marketers must then work out what customer centric marketing is telling them. The truth is that most consumers do not care what is in fashion, what is the latest news, or what is the best-seller. They want to know that their neighbour’s lawn is looking good, their neighbour’s cat is the ugliest cat, or that their coffee tastes better than all the others. With the influx of millions of users accessing the internet on a daily basis, customer centric marketing is now starting to have its day. Brands that want to be in the conversation need to find an answer or be challenged by the ever changing face of social media.

To answer the question, what is customer centric marketing, a brand must establish itself as being about more than its product or service. For your prospects, this would mean that there is more to their experience than viewing videos on a website. People like shopping, having fun with friends and family and exploring what is available to them in the area they live. Being first to the pulse of what is popular will give a brand a distinct advantage over its competitors.

And it’s time to find a new approach

Customer centric marketing means a new approach to communicating with customers in an interactive way. Today, marketers must take it upon themselves to create an environment that their prospects are comfortable using in order to increase sales. Instead of relying on the old traditional methods that have failed time and again, marketers need to explore new ways of connecting with prospects looking to purchase what they desire.

The importance of your brand

When customer centric marketing becomes a successful initiative for a brand, it stands to benefit both the marketer and its customers. The marketer gets increased exposure which, in turn, makes their products and services more visible to a larger base of potential customers. The customers get a more enjoyable online experience, something that can only translate to higher sales.

Branding today must become all about customer centric marketing. The customer is looking for more options and if marketers continue to ignore them, then they will ultimately find competitors who don’t. Once prospects start looking for more options and new ways to engage with what is offered by a brand, marketers will reap the rewards of having an engaged audience that is willing to spend.

You can find out how customer centric marketing helped Bill Macaitis while working with the likes of Salesforce, Zendesk, and Slack here.

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